Pioneer Ready Mix Management is committed to design, manufacture and supply of concrete to the customers with the aim of enhancing customer satisfaction. Our business practices are based on the principles of focus on quality and customer satisfaction to establish long term relationship with the customers. Continual improvement in quality of products and service is the responsibility of every employee of Pioneer Ready Mix Management strives to improve the employee competency by providing regular trainings. Management ensures that safe and proper working environment is provided to enhance the productivity of an employee.

Management strives to continually improve the effectiveness of "Quality Management System" that conforms with ISO 9001: 2015 Standard. Pioneer Ready Mix quality policy is implemented through following schemes:

Understanding customer requirements thoroughly and properlyFulfilling agreed customer requirements and enhancing customer expectations By adopting team work approach to ensure the integrity of Pioneer Ready Mix businessAdopting international standards such as BS, ACI and ASTM standards in design and concrete production operationsComplying with applicable statutory and legal requirementsMonitoring, measuring and evaluating the performance of processesEstablishing measurable and achievable quality objectives we endeavor to continually improve the effectiveness of ”Quality Management System” that conforms with ISO 9001:2015 Standard.


We are committed to design, production and delivery of ready mixed concrete to the construction industry by adopting safe working practices and preventing pollution to the environment. Management ensures that our operations are in line with the legal and/or regulatory requirements and that minimizes risk to our employees, personnel, the contactors and communities. Management will work to continually improve our Environmental, Health and Safety (EH&S) performance by:

Defining and developing a Pioneer Ready Mix culture where a concern for the environment, health and safety are established at all levels and positionsMeasuring EH&S performances against effective management systems, legal requirements and established annual goals and objectives;Analyzing the EH&S hazards of all new processes, materials and equipment;Improving our management systems in order to respond promptly to the findings of regularly scheduled internal and third-party EH&S audits; and achieving our EHS objectives and target in the fields of natural resources preservation.Controlling and reducing environmental impact, and health and safety risks through materials and technologies selection and use, implementation of best management practices, process improvements and recycling.


Taking in to consideration of the growing Environmental and Health issues the international construction field is looking for innovative construction material solutions. In this context we have formulated a multi level solutions:

More use of Fly Ash, Silica and Slag, the waste products of other industries, to replace a considerable percentage of cement content in the concrete. Doing so will reduce the amount of CO2 produced per m3 of concrete, indirectly. The other major benefit is that these Supplementary Cementing Materials (SCMs termed in Canadian Standards) also improve most of the durability characteristics of concrete. As environmental regulations and requirements are becoming more demanding, we are planning and will try to increase our input towards the aim of a better environment.


We recycle the waste concrete to reuse the aggregates using Italian made recycler which wash, clean and segregate the aggregate and these recycled aggregates are used to produce low strength non-durable type concrete.


Waste water from the washing yard is recycled by using RGF Environmental systems (US make) which can recycle 600 gallons per hour. This water is being used for mixer cleaning and for the use of washing aggregate at the recycler.


We are using US made latest technology based machine (READY JET) which uses high pressure water instead of manual chipping of hardened concrete from the Transit Mixer Drums. This reduces exposure to silica dust; keep the drums in shape and increase drum life, helps proper agitation of the loaded concrete.